About JuruQuest

JuruQuest is a mobile software development & design company located in Kuala Lumpur. We craft cross-platform, integrated mobile apps that work on the latest mobile platform with focus on iOS and Android.

Building mobile software is not merely writing the app, but rather a mission to build something that is significant, delightful and inspiring. We work closely with companies to understand real business needs and their end users in mind. We enjoy and cherish our work, and are always passionate in working with companies who share our belief in great user experiences. For us, a well-thought, well-executed mobile app strategy is essential to any successful business.

Our Core Products & Services


We aim to understand, validate and shape strategy for the mobile app you sought us for, based on your actual business needs and goals.


With mobile platforms as a canvas, we provide user experiences and graphic design for mobile apps to create gorgeous apps that are easy to use, functional and fully express its business value.


We build native applications for iOS and Android, as well as provide the necessary required server-side application stack that supports the mobile app. By providing a complete end-to-end service, the mobile application is assured to integrate well and function without friction.


JuruMenu is an operating system with a focus on F&B and retail for BYOD (Bring-Your-Own-Device) menus. For merchants, the e-menu and rewards systems act as wallets for payment gateways. Transactions for merchants are driven up as users make payments from the BYOD and rewards app. The JuruMenu system lessens the need for traditional table menus and creates a more efficient pipeline workflow for merchants running restaurants and retail businesses by allowing them to focus their manpower where truly necessary.


JuruSchool is an education community project focused on helping parents with children in public schools. It enables schools to become future ready by accelerating digital adoption to meet the challenges of tomorrow’s learning environments. It’s initiative includes facial recognition systems, health & safety checking systems, a mobile platform for emergency notifications, as well as online-to-offline learning systems. Its primary directive is ensuring children safety in schools and providing a better learning environment to them.

JuruPay eWallet

JuruPay is a way to store and manage money via a mobile application that makes it easy for customers to redeem special deals and pay for goods & services. Going beyond being an eWallet, JuruPay also gives out points for using the app to make purchases which can in turn be used to redeem more goods & services. This makes it so the customer benefit as much as possible from continuous use of the app as the more they spend, the more they will be able to save on their everyday spending.


Core Team

Core Team

The core team at JuruQuest consists of experienced business and technical consultants who understand actual business requirements and target customers, and to shape and drive great mobile strategy. Our world-class project managers are always present throughout to ensure each and every project is delivered in a well managed and successful manner.

Designer Team

Designer Team

The design team is made up of designers that always aim to create breath-taking application that is not only beautiful, but down-to-earth practical and usable based on best user experience (UX) methodology and practices.

Builder Team

Builder Team

Our builder team comprises experienced architects and developers that are familiar with individual mobile platform and server stack applications that we support. Being familiar down to each platform’s bare metal level is important to ensure that we can have the best implementation with best practices endowed natively on each platform. The team is also familiar with the various back-end and server stack that support the mobile application needs to ensure proper end-to-end support for our clients’ needs.