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  • atQuest is an award winning consulting, technology, solution and outsourcing company committed to delivering the best practice solutions and services through cutting-edge technology along with unique consulting approach.

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At present, the group has extensive engagements and strong partnership with organizations of all sizes, from startups to the Fortune Global 100 companies, including financial services, government agencies & GLCs, fast moving consumer goods & retailing, telecommunications, education, high-tech manufacturing and other spectrum of industries.





  • Founded by a group of visionary leaders who has years of senior management experience at global consulting and IT firms, we pull along deep technical capabilities with solid root of consultancy culture and innovate it to be at where we are now.

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  • Distinctive Uniqueness

    What has always defined us is our ability in providing breakthrough strategies and innovative solutions...

  • Extensive Strategic Alliances

    We have formed strategic alliances with leading software, hardware and services companies to better serve our clients.

  • Strong Leadership Position

    atQuest is also well known for its significant and continuous investment in R&D

  • Solid Client Credentials

    Started in Malaysia with regional offices in Singapore and Hong Kong, atQuest has quickly become the preferred solution provider.

Who We Are

At atQuest, we believe strong business ethics are critical to deliver profitable and sustainable growth. We are committed to conduct our business with the highest level of integrity, as we know that how we achieve success is just as important as the success itself. These core values are the integral part of who we are, how we operate and how we see the future.

Our Member Firms

atQuest constantly moves ahead futuristically to maximize the real potential of our clients at every opportunity for better insights, competitiveness and performance. Our member firms offer a range of world class solutions and services, each with its specific competencies and focus. Together, we work to ensure continuous success for our worldwide clients.

  • DayaQuest Technologies

    DayaQuest is IBM Premier Business Partner with fully focus on IBM offerings. It has recently been awarded the Certified Software Value Plus Partner for its positive impact and innovativeness on portal business, strengthening its position as leading technology solution provider in the region.

  • EasyX Software

    EasyXSoftware offers enterprises a web application software products ranging community, collaboration to commerce platform leveraging off the Microsoft and Amazon cloud services.

  • atQuest Services

    atQuest Services Sdn. Bhd. is one of the established IT software, hardware and Service Providers that aim to provide cost effective, high quality and innovation solution to its clientele at unprecedented value.

  • JuruQuest

    JuruQuest is a mobile software development & design company located in Kuala Lumpur. We craft cross-platform, integrated mobile apps that work on the latest mobile platform with focus on iOS and Android.


Innovation is the ability to see change as an opportunity. We thrive on creativity and ingenuity that make the difference. We take calculated risks and anticipate market trends through continuous improvement.


Acting ethically and with respect is core to our company’s culture and identity. We always strive for win-win partnership not only with our alliances, but also our clients, staffs and communities at large.


We believe in teamwork and collaboration. We value all individuals for their diverse background, experience, style, approaches and idea. It includes taking individual accountability and deliver promises made to others.


We are passionate and inspire about things we do. We celebrate achievements. We appreciate humors as part of promoting positive environment. Most importantly, we take criticism seriously but not personally.

Our Partners

We worked with the best and brightest and are well surrounded with successful partners to drive highest value for our clients. Our partners are formed due to their leadership, knowledge and expertise in respective domains and industries. We welcome new partnerships to expand offering for our clients. Contact us to explore more opportunity.


    Microsoft offers market-leading, enterprise-ready technologies, platforms and services, as well as an unmatched knowledge about its products, to help you maximize your technology investments and achieve your full potential.


    International Business Machines Corporation, headquartered in Armonk, N.Y , creates business value for clients and solves business problems through integrated solutions that leverage information technology and deep knowledge of business processes.


    Dell Inc. helps customers success by understanding their issues and needs and delivering innovative, high-value IT solutions. Uniquely enabled by its direct business model, Dell is a leading global systems and services company and No. 33 on the Fortune 500.


    Saba is the premier provider of people systems that enable today's people-driven enterprises. Saba's people platform aligns and harnesses the expertise, skills, and ideas of an increasingly distributed and mobile work force.


    AgilePoint Inc. pioneered the first .NET-based Business Process Management System (BPMS) solution and delivered an SOA-aligned, model-driven, metadata framework architecture for global organizations to drive rapid and incremental business agility.




Our Pride

  • Microsoft Gold Certified Partner

    atQuest has continuously been awarded the highest status of Microsoft Gold Certified Partner at various competencies. In recognition of our supreme level of technological excellence, marketplace impact and customer satisfaction. It also demonstrates the high levels of our successful implementations, capabilities and certification that match our clients' business needs.

    Microsoft Partner of the Year Award Information Worker Solution

    atQuest yet again emerged as an exclusive winner for the inaugural award by Microsoft at Information Worker (IW) category. Winning this award reinforces atQuest's commitment in delivering high class solutions for our clients.

    Microsoft Partner of Year 2010 Business Productivity Solution

    This award is exclusively awarded to Microsoft Business Partner that has excelled in demonstrating offering breakthrough Office and SharePoint solutions. This proved that atQuest has been consistently providing solutions which exceed customer and industry expectations in delivery, executions and results yet again.

  • Portals and Collaboration competency

  • To acknowledge our proven experience and skills in meeting team and organizational collaboration and connectivity needs across intranets, extranets, and the Internet.

  • This achievement highlights atQuest truly exceptional work and sales execution in delivering solutions based on Microsoft products and services that positively impact both our market share in the region.

Awards & Recognition

Leveraging on our expertise in delivering rapid implementation of cost-effective solutions on reliable technologies, we help our clients to achieve true business potentials. atQuest has received a number of awards and recognition which proves our excellencies over the years.

Over the years, atQuest has built its reputation as the preferred solution provider for clients in virtually all industries. In spite of Global Fortune 100, almost 50 of the Top 100 companies in the country chose us because of our broad knowledge and wide experience.



  • Our Methodology

    atQuest delivers solutions through a proven methodology called P3T . We derived our delivery methodology from our vast experiences and exposures from different delivery methodologies of global consulting firms. Our methodology strikes a balance between global quality standard and local environment focus.


    Managing Stage

    Plan and Manage Project



    Designing Phase

    Define Functional and Technical Specifications of Solution


    Stabilizing Phase

    Prepare and Conduct User Acceptance Test, Develop User Manuals, Develop Administration & Technical Guide, Conduct Train-the-Trainer Sessions, Facilitate System & Data Conversion



    Designing Phase

    Define Functional and Technical Specifications of Solution



    Managing Stage

    Plan and Manage Project


    Managing Stage


    Envisioning Phase

    Conduct Requirements Gathering, Finalize Scope of Solution



    Developing Phase

    Complete Detailed Design, Build System & Perform Unit Test, Perform System Integration Test



    Deploying Phase

    Propose Deployment Plan, Facilitate Deployment & Handover of Solution



    Developing Phase

    Complete Detailed Design, Build System & Perform Unit Test, Perform System Integration Test



    Envisioning Phase

    Conduct Requirements Gathering, Finalize Scope of Solution


    Envisioning Phase

Proven Technology

atQuest offers a range of business IT consulting services to help you. Based on our experience, we advise you with proven strategies in architecting the future of your business through an integration of People, Process and Technology. Many of our consulting services offering are designed to complement our comprehensive solutions. These services offer the proven methods, procedures and guidelines to successfully maximize your return on investment.

Most enterprises today have unique requirements for an information platform, reflecting their diversity in organization setup, value and culture. In regardless of their diverse industry; providing reliable, secure and scalable technology is always the fundamental principle of atQuest.

Project Management

In this area, our methodology comprises of Issues and Risk Management, Resource Management, Cost Management and Status Management. These components coupled with our in-depth knowledge in IT ensure the success of the projects to enable your employees to focus on the business operations.

Solution Engineering

In this aspect, we design, develop and implement the solution. Our Solution Engineering service comprises of consulting advice in the areas of Customer Relationship Management (CRM), eCommerce, Enterprise Business Solutions, e-Supply Chain, e-Human Resource Management and Knowledge Management.

Information Technology Strategic Planning (ISP)

We offer solutions that assist our clients in going through the planning exercise to ensure all the IT strategies are aligned with the business goals. Our proven methodology ensures our clients that their IT strategies will not just focus on long term returns, but also short term gains.

Process Reengineering

We ensure that the reengineering activities integrate the organization's strategy, human performance and business operations to produce superior processes. Designing new process models, eliminating non-value added processes, as well as standardizing processes are some of our works.

Change Management

We assist our clients in change management initiatives by developing communication plans, managing the paradigm shift of mindset to increase awareness and acceptance of changes. Our experts in Change Management team are experienced and equipped with the best methodology and approach.

Change Management

Effective Solution

In today's fast paced business environment, information needs are growing phenomenally. This trend requires organizations not only to optimize its application and infrastructure but also to foster better collaboration and information sharing both internally and externally.

Realizing this, atQuest offers a range of solutions that helps your organization in response to the fast changing industry requirements, to maximize your IT investment and operational performance.


Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is already driving new levels of flexibility and cost savings for organizations of all sizes in all industry sectors. Unlike on-premises hosting, the price of deploying applications in the cloud can be much less due to lower hardware costs involved. Moreover, Cloud Computing allows universal access for users located remotely to access applications, data and work via the Internet.

With cloud computing, physical resources can also be shared securely between different organizations, leading to a more efficient use of the shared resources. It is more environmentally friendlier too as the average amount of energy needed for a computational action carried out in the cloud is far less than the average amount for an on-premise hosting.

Leveraging on Microsoft Azure, we offer services such as deployment, configuration, training and consultancy to cater the needs of an organization.




Mobile Application

We aim to understand, validate and shape strategy for the mobile application customers sought us for, based on actual business needs and goals. With mobile platform as a canvas, we provide user experience and graphic design services to create mobile applications which are not only look gorgeous but also easy to use, functional and fully express its business value.

We build native applications for iOS and Android, as well as provide the necessary required server-side application stack that supports the mobile app. By providing a complete end-to-end service, the mobile application is assured to integrate well and function without friction.




Content & Commerce

With the rise of content-driven commerce, it has become more important for online retailers who want to tell stories of the products instead of traditional online catalog. Content-driven commerce promote merchandising beyond the store front- cultivating attention, interest and desire for what’s in your catalog, outside of the catalog experience. atQuest content-driven commerce solution provides merchant with a complete retail toolset to drive significant online revenue growth and meaningful customer engagement.





You don't need to have any technical or design experience to easily create a beautiful online store. We are here to assist you with the dirty works. Simply work with our designer team to design a stylish design and we will work with you to customize your online store, add products, and you're pretty much ready to accept payments.

Whether you already have products, are looking to sell digital goods or are interested in drop shipping. we have a complete solution for you.




Communication & Collaboration

Communication and collaboration is the core of every business today. Collaboration tools, and more specifically a collaboration environment together with an integrated communication platform, can lead to dramatic increases in business value through decrease in IT support requirements and costs, as well as more effective business processes.

The idea of providing right information to the right people at the right time with the right tools and processes is our main goal in this area. Realizing this goal, atQuest has invested on building atQuest Smart Enterprise Portal (SEP™) Framework to provide the best of breed communication and collaboration solution.

Leveraging on atQuest SEP™, our team of consultants has designed, built and successfully deployed hundreds of horizontal portal solution across the region in all industry sectors.

atQuest Enterprise Portal

Standard out-of-the-box portal packages are easy to come by and install. However, an Enterprise Portal goes beyond standard information gateway. In atQuest, we have successfully roll out numerous Enterprise Portal implementation which integrates and aggregates contents from various composite applications; presenting them in personalized dashboard that can be securely channeled to the Internet, Intranet and also Extranet.

Such a deployment will demand not only deep technical knowledge, but also involvement of process and change management. By partnering with your organization, our solution can help you to maximize your IT investment and minimize the deployment risks.

atQuest Enterprise Knowledge Management Portal

atQuest Enterprise Knowledge Management improves our clients ability to create, capture, store, manage and archive mission-critical information and documents.

atQuest Enterprise Knowledge Management Methodology (KMM) outlines the conceptual framework to assist our clients in maximizing the value of their existing investment.

atQuest Employee Portal

Most organizations with distributed workforce are faced with the challenge of ensuring effective and efficient information dissemination and management of their employees.

The need to provide instant, secure and easy access to employee-centric services such as Staff Directory, Staff Profiles, Employee Self Services (ESS) and HR related services has been the driving factor in implementation of an Employee Portal.

atQuest SOP Management Portal

atQuest Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) Management Portal is a consolidated application suite that provides full business functions for organizations to address standard operating procedures issues.

Our solution enables organizations to enhance their business capabilities through effective collaboration and communication, allowing organizations to reduce their time and complexity in managing and sharing information.

atQuest SDLC Management Portal

Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) is the methodology used in the development of an information system. atQuest SDLC Management Portal is the solution that assists the IT project owners to capture, create and manage project documentations based on your existing project document templates.

Our solution allows the management of standard project document templates according to your project life cycle phases.

atQuest Document Life Cycle Management Portal

Document Life Cycle is the process that describes how a document is being managed from cradle to grave.

atQuest Document Life Cycle Management Portal is infused with capability to manage document templates, document creation, editing, revision, approval and archival.




Customer Oriented Services

Increase sales, improve customer service and strengthen customer loyalty with an Enterprise Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Solution is our ultimate goal in this area. In atQuest, we have deep expertise in Microsoft Dynamics to help customers optimize the value of deploying CRM on a Microsoft platform.

Business moves at very fast pace today, requiring that every company continuously update and revise their direction, marketing strategies, suppliers, partners-literally every variable and relationship that might lead to complacency.

Leveraging on Microsoft platform, atQuest has the expertise to infuse your organization with new levels of customer intelligence: from Customer Relationship Management to Complaint Management.

atQuest Complaint Management Solution

The nature of organizations operating in a highly regulated, visible and competitive industry requires them to balance the demands of customer acquisition and retention with regulatory compliance and good governance.

atQuest Complaint Management Solution provides a flexible, scalable and secure solution that optimize between cost, efficiency and customer satisfaction. It enables companies to resolve complaints effectively, so as to boost customer loyalty, reduce cost and improve business efficiently.

Customer Relationship Management using Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Microsoft CRM is simply the fastest and easiest way to add CRM capabilities to any organization that uses Microsoft Office or Outlook. Since it is designed to partner with Outlook, Microsoft CRM delivers higher productivity and incredibly rapid return on investment.

With our extensive experiences in Microsoft CRM implementation, atQuest is in a unique position to assist your organization to guide you along the way.




Business Process Automation

Standardization of business processes on a robust automation platform promises an alluring future; where evolving business processes is easily tuned and optimized over time. atQuest focuses on delivering horizontal process automation solution in Finance, Human Resources, Sales & Marketing and IT departments.

All businesses have processes. Being pervasive to all organizations, efficient processes can save time and money, while increase productivity and profitability. Our process automation offering focuses on universal business functions in the following areas:


atQuest helps our clients to streamline and improve financial processes by leveraging on workflow platform. Our solutions in the financial area include:

  • Expenses Claims
  • Purchase Request
  • Travel Request


Effective operations are essential to ensure high service satisfaction. Treated strategically, an operations group can help differentiate a company and provide a competitive edge. Our solutions in the operation area include:

  • IT Help Desk
  • Service Request

Sales and Marketing

Sales and marketing teams are by nature performance driven. We have created solutions which can be used to assist organizations in this area. Our solutions are:

  • Performance Review
  • Sales Dashboard
  • Marketing Campaign

Human Resources

Typically human resources (HR) groups are expected to improve services, while lowering operational costs associated with delivery of those HR services to employees. From hire to retire, employees rely on their HR department to provide timely, easy to use and personalized service. Our solutions include:

  • Leave Management and Approval
  • Training Management
  • Timesheet Management
  • Staff Profiles





To innovation, consolidate, optimize, standardize and integrate - That's atQuest infrastructure team's motto. Our team has helped to setup and assisted many clients in realizing their IT infrastructure roadmap.

atQuest infrastructure solutions help clients to consolidate, standardize and extend this foundation; enabling lower total cost of ownership and a reliable platform for innovation.

Our infrastructure expertise includes the following areas:

  • Active Directory Planning and Design
  • Enterprise Messaging and Communication with Exchange and Live Communication Server
  • Enterprise Rights Management





  • "My work gives me opportunity to travel overseas Singapore, Hong Kong and US, where I can meet diverse people from different locales over the world."

    Alvin Chooi
    Senior Consultant

    "It is inspiring to work for a company that also encourages growth and personal advancements at the same time provide all the support and advice. "

    Lim Chun Fei
    Senior Designer

  • "The working environment here is so dynamic and I have a very supportive team that walk me through every challenges."

    Rachelle Pau

    "People in my team especially my juniors and my managers are young, energetic, brilliant and fantabulous. And I must say I am proud to be part of my team, they are fantastic "

    Chak Han Yeuan
    Senior Consultant

  • Cultivating a conducive working environment

    In our industry, the demands on you can be high, but the satisfaction of working alongside bright people on challenging projects offers a truly rewarding career. atQuest encourages healthy work life balance and therefore support our people in balancing their professional and personal lives through meaningful activities and fitness programs to support your health and well-being.

Working at atQuest

As part of a leading company with a prestigious client list, you will also get to work with some of the exceptional people from the most leading companies in the world. From the world's largest banks to the world's largest research-based pharmaceutical company, and even national largest telecommunication, energy, oil and gas, automobile all the way to education and services, you will have access to rich and diverse opportunities working with different people, cultures and countries.

When you join atQuest, you get the opportunity to work in a dynamic environment with daily business challenges and exposures to a variety of businesses across a range of sectors. Whether you join as technical, business functional or project manager, you will be trained and given early responsibility to assist clients in achieving their potential.



Web Designer / Front End


  • Produce engaging and advanced interface design for web and mobile applications with user friendly interface as priority
  • Participate in different phases of design process, includes but not limited to brainstorming and content planning with the other Designers to produce out-of-box design
  • Responsible for developing front-end for desktop and mobile phone utilizing Javascript (Native / Frameworks eg. JQUERY, YUI, DOJO etc), HTML + CSS


  • Candidate must possess at least Diploma/Degree in Creative Multimedia / Computer Science or equivalent
  • Excellent command in Javascript and HTML+ CSS
  • Experience in multi-browser, cross-device compatibility and responsive design
  • Familiar with social media integration, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ API’s
  • Able to work individually with minimal supervision and equally able to work with a larger development team
  • Creative, Passionate, A good team player with a positive attitude
  • Knowledge in Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe Flash, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe Illustrator would be an added advantage
  • Familiar with PHP, ASP, MySQL, AJAX and SEO methodologies would be a plus
  • Fresh Graduates with Strong academic credentials are also strongly encouraged to apply
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Business Analyst / Functional Consultant


  • A business analyst job includes examination of the client's current operational structure and offers Solutions based on the needs of the business
  • Replacing weak business practices with newer technology systems and efficient processes
  • Ensuring that the solution suggested is commercially viable and competitive
  • Generating proposals and conducting presentations and solution demonstrations to communicate the company model in a clear and understandable manner
  • Work closely with the implementation team to ensure delivery and implementation of the software solution
  • To conduct business requirement workshops, application walkthrough, plan and support user acceptance test, conduct trainings to end users and provide application support


  • Degree in IT, Business Studies or any equivalent technical studies
  • Minimum 3 years' experience in system development life cycle and must have good understanding of general project management
  • Credibility in interacting with solution specialist and technical people
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills and excellent customer facing abilities
  • Good command of written and spoken English
  • Strong analytical, troubleshooting and problem solving skills
  • Able to work under pressure and adhere to deadlines
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Project Manager


Project Management of the complete project life-cycle from initiation to closure. Common tasks include but are not limited to:

  • Accountable for Project and Delivery Management of the Company's enterprise solutions
  • Facilitate planning which includes scoping, drawing, work plan and resource loading
  • Manage project definition, planning, execution, monitoring, control and closure
  • Manage the cross functional teams (Solutions Architect, Consultants and Programmers)
  • Provide leadership in the specification, implementation and enhancements of work procedures and work flows to improve the quality and efficiency of Project Management
  • Define the requirements and prepare for Project Kickoff upon Project Initiation
  • Conduct and lead all meetings such as Kickoff, Progress and others relevant to internal, external and/or other stakeholder audiences
  • Build, maintain and monitor working relations with project stakeholders
  • Monitor and conduct risk analysis of on-going projects
  • Manage change control, dependency and stakeholders
  • Ensure all initiatives are smoothly in progress and to escalate obstacles and challenges to higher management for decision making
  • Take ownership and a proactive role in all of the aforementioned matters
  • Participate in pre-sales activities by providing implementation inputs


  • Must possess a Degree
  • 3-5 years' of Project Management experience
  • Demonstrate achievements in planning, directing, implementing multiple and concurrent projects.
  • Experience in Microsoft Sharepoint Projects is a plus
  • Good command of ENGLISH (spoken and written), BAHASA MALAYSIA, MANDARIN
  • Excellent communicator with strong organization and presentation skills
  • Excellent interpersonal skills including the ability to work with individuals at all levels in the organization and strong relationship building abilities
  • Goal orientation and action-focused plus strong negotiating, influencing and conflict resolution skills
  • Willing to go the extra mile to resolve all project issues
  • Applicants must be willing to travel
  • Full time and Contract positions available
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Senior Java Developer


  • Responsible for analyzing, coding, testing and implementing software solutions
  • Responsible for developing and programming in Java/J2EE applications
  • Must be able to perform programming and analysis tasks independently
  • To facilitate and actively participate in all phases of a system development life cycle
  • Work with the project lead to help establish the technical design and layout the execution plan


  • Must have technical knowledge in Java/ J2EE, JSP/ Servlet, Struts or JavaBeans
  • Good knowledge in database: IBM DB2, MS SQL Server and MySQL
  • Knowledge in web/ application servers: IIS, Apache, Tomcat, WebSphere Application Server
  • Knowledge in WebSphere Portal Server and Portlet development will be an added advantage
  • Degree in Computer Science or IT related discipline
  • Good command in written and spoken English
  • Min 2 years' experience in vendor system development lifecycle environment
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We strive every day to form new relationships with clients, establish new partners and discuss opportunities with prospective employees. In regardless of where we are, building relationships is the core of our business. If you would like further details, advice or consultation, you are welcome to contact us at the following correspondences.


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