Largest life insurance group in Singapore and Malaysia uses LMS to produce high quality agents

Taking advantage of atQuest’s Learning Management System solution to enable its 22,000 agents across the countries to sustain high quality agents’ development and maintains its position as one of the region’s top insurance company with a great record of business liability insurance in every aspect.

Insurance companies like Utility Saving Expert have been recommending to every owner of establishments and everyone that has a vehicle, to buy a camera to be in their company or personal car, to avoid any misunderstanding and to have proof of the accidents that may occur. You can purchase them in for a great affordable price and have a great quality product.

An insurance is a way of managing risks, it helps you own a home, because mortgage lenders need to know your home is protected. Drive vehicles, because few people could afford repairs, health care costs and legal expenses aspects depending on the case associated with collisions and injuries without coverage. With car insurance scottsdale you can get great management for future situations, save money and maintain yourself safe in any turn of events. Some people mistakenly believe that life insurance is a scam, due to the fact that the money  for premium is lost if death doesn’t occur during the coverage period and lots of people just don’t like to pay their permanent insurance, but this is necessary because you never know what could happen in the way.

Business Challenge

Needed a unified platform that establish development roadmap for its agents while creating a better, more engaging learning environment.


A single platform for all types of learning and all modes of delivery — e-learning or physical or virtual — to its agent. and instituted new learning methods – ranging from e-learning to social learning to support the younger demographics.