About Malque

MALQUE was established and operating from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia since 2004. 

Conventionally in the early of 2000s, most of the legacy applications have been widely adopted by most companies to record their business transactions and then consolidating the data for monthly reporting afterward.

However, with the increasing demand for efficiency and real time information for data analytics and decision making in this unprecedented fast movement of business, we see that the “Internet of Things” is highly in demand to reflect the timely updates of the business status right there right now

MALQUE offers comprehensive end-to-end IoT solutions that unlocks the unmatched potential of Industry 4.0 Era for 

your business with the upcoming enabler 5G Communication. With our unrivalled technology, expertise, and experience, we can deliver practical yet scalable connected solutions for multiple industries including:

  • Food and Beverages
  • Retail Store and Merchant Services
  • Smart Offices and Smart School

By developing purpose-built IoT solutions that are tailor-made according to your business needs, we can help local enterprises and businesses rollout reliable, secure, and cost-effective business solutions that can grow and empower your organisation.


Our Core Services

Point of Sales

Merchant Services Suite

Internet of Things

Robotic & Automation

Point of Sales

Merchant Services Suite (MSS)

Internet of Things (IoT)

Robotic & Automation

Smart AI Office

Health Screening Automation

Ensure Workplace health safety
Reduce dependency of human-capital

Seamless Office Security

Contactless Security screening
Reduce administration hassle

HR System Integration

Enable platform agnostic system extension
Single point of control

Self-developed Face Recognition (FR) solution with either AWS or Baidu Core-engine

Easy to deploy with flexible fit-up possibilities: able to install in different scenario

Fully integrated with multi-touchpoints to ease administration efforts

Comprehensive reporting to meet stringent compliance requirements